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Friday, December 4, 2009


It seems important to perform a monthly evaluation of this site most likely for the next year (unless the Internet gets shut down in that time, that is). Important to me, anyway. Let me know how you feel about it. It is nice to pause and look back, around and forward. Hmm. I don't think I've looked forward yet. See? That's why you evaluate.

This month I've added one official follower. Hi, Kristen! I know of a couple more who read it but don't "follow" officially. Hi to you, too!

I've increased the number of commenters to five (I think), including my mom. Way to go, mom, on figuring out how to post a comment! Mom's also learned how to navigate The Anomaly. I'm very impressed with her.

I've learned how to put a picture inside a post (see Neno Award). Thank you, Susie, for the award and the instruction. If only I took more pictures!

I've added "labels" to my posts (not all of them yet, but I'm working on it). I saw that on (correction) Kristen's site and liked it.

I've tossed out the corny poem and replaced it with a less-corny guidance verse of Scripture.

I've added my own website link to this site.

This blog (as well as my website) shows up on search engines. Irony: when I googled my name, one of the links that came up listed "Star of Justice entered in Marcher Lord Select Premise Contest" from my website. Of all the parts to list. I decided to leave it on there. How many people will be looking me up by name? A lot, I hope, but originally, Jeff the Publisher was considering posting author's names, so...shrug. Besides, I wanted the website to promote my name as an author, and I'm doing that. I will not feel guilty. That's a topic for another post.

I started this post early this morning, and almost forgot I hadn't finished it. I'll finish it now.
The last month's posts have focused mainly on the Marcher Lord Select contest. Prepare for some MLS posts for the next month. The contest will conclude New Year's Eve. I'll give more details tomorrow. I haven't looked them up yet.

I do have other things to write about, though, and I'll get back to some of those, too.

Now, I have some main contest reading to do. I'll start with my picks that made it, and work out from there. I think we're only allowed three, and I think only three of mine made it. Choices might be pretty simple here.

And a heartfelt "I'm so sorry" to Ginny Jacques. I was surprised Zinovy's Journey didn't advance. I'm more shocked by some of the ones that did. This is a weird contest.

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