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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Voting Continues

I've heard from some of you. Thank you for taking part in the Grand Experiment.

I cast my votes today. It seems I can change them through tomorrow 11 PM Central, if I wish.

I had 12 on one page, so I voted for ten and sent Jeff a personal message listing the other two.

I did this by clicking on his name (he's the first person who's written something after putting up the poll, so his name is there on the left hand side above his "picture.")

The click took me to his personal information, which includes the option to "send a personal message" at the top of the info box. That leads to an email, where I typed in my choices and my name and clicked "send personal message" one more time.

Once it was sent, it took me to a screen I didn't know how to get out of, so I clicked on "home" just above his info and that returned me to the MLS main board. You could probably also log out from that page, if you don't want to go read some of the discussion boards.

Tomorrow is the last day to vote in this round. Pray for the folks who are on pins and needles awaiting the outcome. They've worked hard for this, but, as The Highlander would tell us, "there can be only one."

PS: I just went to MLS to see how things are going, and totally unbeknownst (yes, it's a word) to me, Jeff has a post called There Can Be Only One.

I am so perfect to be one of these people! If only they could figure it out.

Oh, and I saw Star of Justice listed three times now. Yea!

Some of my more discreet friends...feel free to talk it up, if you'd like. Not you, mom. You're not discreet. Love you anyway.

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