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Monday, November 16, 2009

Results Are In

I lost.

I can't actually lose this round because Jeff made it a freebie, but I would have lost if it counted.

I'm not surprised. A little disappointed, but not surprised. My premise doesn't catch the eye. Nobody cares about dragons destroying the world or Caissa Ocren.

I wonder how I might have written it differently. I was going for accuracy, but maybe snappy would have been a better approach.

These dragons don't need magic: they have lasers! They don't, actually (not in this book, anyway), but you have to admit, it's snappier.

I do wonder what the vote count was. I'm guessing nine. That would be me, the three people who mentioned it on the forum threads, the two people who emailed me with "break a finger's" and the three people who answered yes when I asked if they'd voted. Some others might have gotten around to it, but I don't count my dragons before they're hatched.

The next round of voting seems to happen in two weeks. That's the one that will knock me off for good. That's a slightly more depressing thought.

I'm waffling between eating my mozzarella sticks and java chiller then or having one now and one then, too. I am a little, tiny bit depressed. Not surprised, mind you, but a little depressed.

On the plus side, my Swedish squeegee mop really cleaned the slush off my back steps, so, Yea!

"It's the simple things in life you treasure." -Fred Kwan, Galaxy Quest.


  1. Snappy is probably better, something outrageous even if it doesn't have much to do with the story. If you think about Movie posters and tag lines that is what catches the eye and attention "It came from Outer Space!" "I was a Teenage Werewolf!" "Dragon Justice - it's swift and messy"! (ok that last one I just made up as an example)....

    Keep your chin up - as long as you're breathing you have a chance to fix things!

  2. Thank you, elder brother. Actually, I'm hoping the blurb section gives me a better chance to move forward. We'll see.


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