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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Polishing Is Finally Done

I took my own sweet time about it, too, but when I realized the contest was going to take so long, I decided not to rush it. I won't revise it again without a publisher telling me to do so.

Mostly, I've added more chapter breaks, which means coming up with more chapter headings.
I think it's been a full year since I've looked at this story. I'm pleased to say I'm still pleased with it, beginning to end. That doesn't always happen with stories.

Now I'm starting to think about the four books that go with it. I've two prequels, a side-quel, and a sequel all started. See, I wrote Star of Justice as a stand-alone, but I seem incapable of writing about a world without connecting it to other worlds in my universe.

Star of Justice is a spin-off from an as-yet unwritten story series based in our near future called Past Ties. That series is a time-travel, sci-fi mystery. And, no, I can't seem to stick with one genre. Anne McCaffrey never did and she's probably my biggest secular influence.

Actually, I should look over Elementals again and start researching possible publishers for it. I consider it a Young Adult book (mostly because the heroes are fourteen and fifteen), so Marcher Lord Press won't do for this one.

On the other hand, I wrote it with the intention of self-publishing through Print on Demand. Now that I have a website, I might go ahead and do that.

What I really need to do is finish reading Stuart Vaughn Stockton's Starfire. It's the book that got me into this whole contest with MLS, and makes me want to write for them. He's an amazing author. Anyone who can get me reading about dinosaurs would have to be. I'll be writing a review on it shortly.

Looking at the clock, I guess what I'm doing next is going to bed. God willing, the cats will let me sleep 'til the alarm goes off.

A girl can dream.

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