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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yesterday, I spent my morning blog time in daily devotions, my afternoon blog time checking emails about the writing contest, and my evening blog time getting my picture taken for my church directory.

Result: no post. My apologies to my faithful follower. ;)

I've been reluctant over the past few weeks to get on my computer. As I wrote elsewhere, it seems the amount of conflict produced in my life is in direct proportion to the risks I am taking as a part of my new Gene Getz-inspired life. I don't like conflict. Conflict makes stories interesting to read, but it makes life a real pain to live. It's making me want very much to pull back into my shell and stop talking to people altogether.

I won't, but I want to. This is why I never took chances before. My calm is being seriously disturbed by life. I don't have an ulcer yet, so I'm counting that a plus.

Contest voting starts this Friday. If you have registered, you received an email from Jeff the Publisher restating the rules. If you know me personally, you probably received an email from me doing the same.

All premise contest entries will advance in the first round, no matter who gets what votes. I think MLS is realizing a blurb alone does not a good premise make :) If they do this again, I wonder if the premise contest will be allowed the hook and the cover blurb to start.

Anyway, have a happy Tuesday, everyone. Love God and serve others today, no matter what conflict it generates. Choose the hard right instead of the easy wrong.

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