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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nothing to Say

My "contest break" continued today as I focused on the rest of my life. I'll pick back up with Marcher Lord Select in the morning.

I spent time outside raking leaves and inside watching season 1 of The Mentalist. I met a cousin who talks now and seems to like me (I kept winning prizes at imaginary bingo and imaginary pumpkin carving) and spent time with my grandmother on her birthday (97, I think). I started the morning talking with my Savior and finished the evening talking with the same Guy.

The sun was shining and I think I saw a bank sign with a temp of 77 degrees. I would call it a good day. I should call all days good days, but I'm still biased toward the shining sun.

Since I have so little to write about, please feel free to share your day in the comments section. I'd love to know how my readers are doing.

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