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Friday, October 30, 2009

Here's How It Will Go

Marcher Lord Select has posted the general rules for voting (very general rules) under a post which bears the same name as this post.

Go to their forum website listed to the left on my blog. I highly recommend saving this link into your favorites or bookmarks or whatever.

Register at the upper right corner. This is free. Choose a user name and a password you'll remember. My user name is robynnt (shocking!) but others choose more creative names. Feel free to improvise.

You'll be allowed access now to the posting sites, but here's the run-down on the contest I entered.

The premise will be posted first and voting will happen mid-November. This may or may not immediately knock out some people. They haven't decided yet.

The back cover blurb will be posted after that. Voting will happen at the end of November and reduce contestants to 20.

The 1 page synopsis will be posted from those 20 and voting will take place on those end of December and cut to the final 10.

The first 500 words will be available for download at that point and voting for the winner will happen end of January. All this is subject to change as they work out the kinks.

So, it could either be a very long winter of alternating fears of success and failure, or it could be a short stint of mocha java chiller-fueled depression and resignation.

Anyhoo, God willing, I'm ready for whatever happens.

So, this could win the prize for the most boring post ever. I'm so bored I'm going to stop writing now.
After I say, my fiction writing...much better than this. I promise.

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