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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things That Make Me Go "Hehehe" All the Way Home

Yesterday was a bit of a rant, so here's my list of things that make me laugh out loud, again in no particular order.

1. Grinning dogs. Some dogs grin all the time, but others really have to work at it. They all make me laugh.

2. The Tom Baker Doctor Who theme song. Come on, nerds and geeks, you know it! Oooh Oooh Oooh, Oooh Oooh. Oooh Oooh Oooh, Oooh Oooh Oooh. OK, so synthesizers don't translate well into English. I'm telling you, I love that song.

3. The Friends episode "The One Where No One's Ready." Chandler and Joey fight over the chair. Phoebe "gets the hummus." Monica obsesses over whether Richard called. And Ross has to drink the fat. If you don't know it, call me. I have it on DVD. "I've watched it 150 times, and it keeps getting funnier every, single time I see it." -Beetlejuice.

4. Rescuing worms from rain puddles. Yeah, you're thinking "gross!" but at least I've saved a life that day. What did you do?

5. Anything cat-related except hairballs (see #9 of yesterday's post). Sleeping cats, playing cats, puzzled cats: they crack me up. Probably why I have six. Let the good times roll.

6. Oreos. How I love those little, processed bits of heaven. I'm one of the weirdos who likes the cookie part better than the creme part. Yes, we do exist.

7. Calling a child by name. It's like magic. Call a child by his name and you have a friend for life. Suddenly you are the best grown-up in the world and the personal property of little Hugo. Use this power carefully, or you will never eat hot food again when children are present.

8. Fruit-shaped Trix. I don't think they make these anymore, but they got me through my fourth semester of college. All I had to do to feel better about the world was pour a bowl of these Runt-like rice crisps, and it was giggle-city. I gained a lot of weight that semester.

9. My nieces. Of course, I have to pin them down or wake them up anymore, but they say some of the funniest things. I like them so much better now that they talk. I'm grinning just thinking about them.

10. A good book. You know the kind. You want to read faster because you enjoy it so much, but you slow down because you don't want it to end. These are getting harder to find (thanks to grammar issues like "less" and "fewer" (see #4 of yesterday's post), but they do still exist. I'm reading one now, and I hope to give you a review tomorrow.

Well, that's my top ten. Feel free to share some of your own. I'd like to know.


  1. Robynn, I like cats too. We have two long-haired orange fellows who force us to carry lint-rollers in every vehicle so we don't arrive fuzz-covered messes. Despite that fact, I love our skitty kitties. Can't imagine having six cats though. You really are a cat person.

    Oreos bring back fond memories of childhood. My sisters and I called them Grandpa cookies because he always made sure to have them on hand when we visited.

    Good books are wonderful. My favorites are romances. I read 'em as well as write 'em. Historical are my first choice, but I read contemporaries as well. What are your faves?

    Thanks for following my blog, Joy on the Journey. You'll see some of my recent reads from my reviews, which I post on Saturdays.

  2. Keli, I never meant to have six cats. They just started showing up. I must have "cat sucker" written in Dragon on my door. All cats read Dragon, by the way. They're cousins.
    I'm going to be writing about favorite books on today's post, but I doubt very much you would recognize most of them. I listed my top faves in my "About Me."
    Thank you for stopping by. I'm honored.
    And, Susie, thank you for the plug.
    Well, I'm eating lunch and have six cats draped over various places on this desk just begging for a handout, so I must be off.


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