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Saturday, December 2, 2023

A Prayer for Peace for Our World

Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who is the source of all peace. Great is Your faithfulness. 

Lord, You are the source of all love. You are the creator of Heaven and Earth and all they contain. You want your creation to exist in harmony, not hatred. 

Change the hearts of Your people, to seek Your will day by day, moment by moment. To look for the ways You show love to us. To look for ways to pass that love and grace to others. Change our hearts to want what You want. Change our attitudes from despair to hope in You. Awaken Your holy fire within us to see the small ways we can make a difference - a smile, an encouraging word, a shared prayer. 

Unify Your church. Help us to see the obvious ways we are similar, and focus on those, celebrating the ways we are different as proof of Your endless creativity and grace. 

Change our hearts first, so that those who do not know You may see a real difference in us, and be drawn, not to us as humans, but to You as the God we love and worship. 

Peace can only come through hearts set on fire by the love of Jesus Christ. Change our hearts to know that love more and more. 

Help us to grant forgiveness to each other as You have forgiven us. 

Grace received; grace extended. 

May all be done according to Your will. 

In Jesus' name, 


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