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Friday, January 2, 2015

Why Tiny Homes Are Fascinating But Not For Me

I own an 823 square foot house with an unfinished basement of equal size. I live in about 800 feet of that, and use the rest for storage or cat space. Frankly, the cat space is more important. I wish the space was distributed differently, and I often consider and occasionally implement ways to utilize the space I have more effectively (the loft bed being an excellent example).

Katherine Coble is fascinated with tiny houses, and posted this on FB yesterday. She doesn't want to live there, but admires the ingenuity.

I watched the 5 minute video, and shrank back with a sort of mental claustrophobia every time they demonstrated the "combination" of ways the space could be used. They can attempt to reassure me as often as they wish how liveable the space is, but I saw a hotel room for either the very poor or very rich.

No fridge or freezer means I'm either grocery shopping every day, eating out every day, or making ramen for every meal. A four foot wardrobe means I wear uniforms to work and the same shirt and pants every weekend, with possibly one nice church outfit. I can also have only one heavy coat. My library would have to rotate out on a monthly basis. I could own no knickknacks, no musical instruments other than a harmonica, no craft supplies, and no comfortable seating. In short, the entire space requires me to live in a city where I am completely dependent on what I can buy or rent from others, like food, transportation and a padded chair. This is anathema to me.

I abhor McMansions, too, so please don't think I object to a simple lifestyle using available materials. I can only say I am too American, too big-sky Kansan to consider life in an urban shoebox appealing.

Plus, there is no space for a litterbox in this lifestyle. I can't be a part of a life with only outside cats.

Keep the faith.


  1. Right there with you, Turtle. Since one of the captions at the beginning of the video says "maid's room," I suspect that space was never meant to be an apartment. It was a bedroom only. If it's anything like "Upstairs, Downstairs," the maid would eat downstairs in the kitchen and share a bathroom with the rest of the staff. If you only had to make room in there for a bed and a dresser, instead of table and kitchenette and bathroom, there'd be room for a comfy chair.

  2. I could barely breathe just watching that. But I have to say I find it HILARIOUS that she has two stools. Because I'm sure she has company over all the time...to....read?

  3. I did enjoy when she "leaned back" in the stool to prove how much space she has. *snort*


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