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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Goodbye, Farmville?

I've played Farmville, on average, three hours a day almost every day for about three and a half years. That's a lot of time, most of it enjoyable for me. So enjoyable, I used to blog daily about the game at Virtual Buttercups.

Farmville fit easily into my daily routine. I played while the cats ate. I played while I did laundry. I played while I watched TV. It provided a satisfying illusion of multi-tasking and mastery. At worst, it passed the time while I waited for something else to happen.

I've tried to be a helpful Neighbor to those who play and a considerate Friend to those who don't (I've always said I'm an addict, not a dealer). Last year, Zynga and I had our final falling out when customer service failed resoundingly to solve a problem to my satisfaction. Knowing that I will never again spend money on the game, that I will never get more farmcash as a result, has taken most of the joy out of playing.

Three hours a day (at least) is a lot of time I could be using for something else (spell that W-R-I-T-I-N-G). I suspect, it's also time that dulls my brain. I don't have to think while playing Farmville, and I don't. But the not thinking seems to extend to other areas, and I can't have that anymore. It is far easier to plant a crop than write a scene, but the scene is more important.

So, I'm quitting. I've limited play this week to half an hour in the morning while the cats eat and I listen to Focus on the Family. I'm emptying my giftbox. I'm putting my fields in order. I'm not feeling any withdrawal yet, but it's early. We'll see.

I have a book to publish this August. I'll need the time to prepare. Then I have a book to finish this year. I'll need brain power for that.

I'm not deleting the app. I'm not going cold turkey. I need the option to resume play to make sure I don't resume play. Call it immaturity. As long as it works.

Happy Tuesday, dear readers. May you find the strength to overcome your addictions. When you're ready, of course. No judgment here. 


  1. Good luck to you on this! I, too, gave up Farmville, but long ago. It was tough that first week or so, but it got easier. Now, I rarely play games on FB. :)

  2. I gave FV up last year. With all the new worlds it started taking too much time and too much reliance on virtual friends for pieces to every new activity within the new worlds. My "regular" FB friends had quit playing long ago, so I had to rely on those friends of friends and they couldn't do certain tasks for you. I refused to spend money on it since I am a stay at home mother and the money could be better used on my kiddos. It lost it's glamour long before I stopped playing. I don't miss it now. I've started scrapbooking and other creative activities along with writing to keep my muse going. Best of luck. It took me a couple of weeks before I got beyond the twitch to click on FV.


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