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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Tuesday

The honeymoon's over. I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm. I got up and broke a nail on my bedroom door frame. Here's hoping that's the worst that happens today and not an omen. My vacation starts tomorrow, so mostly, I just have to live through today.

Last night, I learned the best way to cook raw black beans is in a crock pot. Alas, I learned it too late to save the onion. I also spent two hours concocting a layered, meatless casserole that turned out to be bean dip. It tastes OK, and the black beans add crunch, but I'll need to rethink that idea.

I'm starting to feel like a cemetery auditor. Not sure exactly what that means, except when I get to work, I have a plan for the day, I execute the plan, and normal people react like I know what I'm doing. Doesn't mean I do, just means I'm fooling the masses. Maybe that's how it works in any job. I have learned the answer to nearly every question is "check the statute." Isn't that the answer to nearly every question anyway?

The cats continue to gain familiarity with the catwalks. Miss Kitty is up there 60% of the time, and the rest join her at various times throughout the day. I can't remember the descriptive phraseology, but cats have territories that relate to time. A cat may choose a sunny east window in the morning, move to a southern exposure in the afternoon and camp out on the vent in the evenings and he won't care that another cat has taken one of his spots after he vacates it. That's a good thing. The more spots I provide, the less chance they'll all want the same one at the same time. Except they're cats and that's how they roll. Anyway, Miss Kitty, Skamper and Skuttle have all played tag in 3D, so I'm getting value for my investment.

I will finish my taxes tonight. I don't care anymore if I get back everything I've got coming. I just want it done.

Farmville has added yet another farm - Atlantis. I'm sure Caprice is thrilled but it's officially too much. To keep morning play at the one hour I've allowed myself, I'll have to ignore 3 or 4 farms from now on, and stop harvesting most of my buildings. I may catch up on the weekends. I may not.

Since I've officially stopped paying attention to word count, I'm writing again. That's good.

Happy Tuesday, dear readers. Keep a nail file handy. You may need it.


  1. Yes, I love Atlantis. Yes, it's too much. But I quit hopping on the bandwagon quite a long time ago. I did absolutely nothing in Haunted Hollow, and Enchanted Fairyland, and I only did a little playing in their "Let's do Christmas purposely without snow" mistletoe thing. I haven't been back there since December. I also closed down Jade Falls and don't visit it anymore. For a while I was only visiting Lighthouse Cove and Winter Wonderland once a day, because those farms have beehives and yield me fertilizer.

    I recently utilized their land while trying to master all the crops necessary to get to ruby roses, but I'm done with that.

    England and Home are my big land areas, which I use to plant stuff like rice that I needed for Hawaiian recipes. But Ono stopped producing decent sized harvests, and I wanted the water free of plots anyway. With Atlantis on the horizon, I'm scaling back activity in Hawaii.

    Now I am back to using my level 500-something Fresh Sachet to power everything. I can grow everything I need for that on one farm because both pumpkins and cranberries have super seeds.

    I am glad that Atlantis didn't restrict the plowable land. I am trying to build a combine from parts, but it isn't an official Atlantis combine, so I'm not sure it will work. I brought a waterbaby from Hawaii and put it out at Atlantis, fed it and got a cuttlefish, but it went straight to the giftbox with a "locked to Hawaii" note on it.

    One thing I'm not too happy about: almost every stinking marine animal costs farmcash. They give you a manatee and a fish and at some level you can buy an (ugly) scuba penguin with coins, but everything I want is FC only. I am hoping if I do the quests that I can get a goodie or two that way. I haven't done quests in months and I forgot how much I dislike them, especially trying to collect stuff from my newsfeed when no more than four people ever SEE it, much less click. If I have to get 8 of something, that usually requires at least three postings and they make me wait 6 hours apart, which means I am usually behind the crowd in every later step because I can't get the "easy" stuff.

    We shall see how it goes. Hawaii is my fallback if they mess up Atlantis too much by making all the animals out of reach.

  2. I suspect as you level up in Atlantis, more stuff will become available for coins. That's how it's working in Enchanted Glen.

    Besides, you have some neighbors who buy cool stuff and share "babies." ;)


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