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Friday, October 5, 2012

Bad Wreck and Great Launch

What a weird week this has been.

First, I wrecked Lavender Squeak on Tuesday. Yes, the same Tuesday that I crowed over her on this blog. It's too painful to discuss, so I won't. I'm fine. Insurance has agreed to fix the van. I'm talking to God again. Let's just put it behind us, shall we?

Last night's launch party for Star of Justice was as much fun for me as I hoped, and I hope it was fun for everybody who came, too.

I read an except from Price of Justice. I saw old friends. I made a new friend who overheard the fuss (like she couldn't have; I was making enough noise for several coffeehouses). I ate a blueberry muffin because they were out of scones. I took pictures WGR won't let me put on FB. Finally, I stayed up past midnight because my college buddy from Wichita, Monica Swift, drove up with her sister Angie to surprise me and we'd only have that night to see each other.

Scone, Monica! Best surprise ever!

Seriously, though, drive careful on your way home. The road is a dangerous place.

I may be going to Wichita in the future to speak at Monica's school. Did I mention she teaches high school English, including honors English? Did I mention I mentioned she should teach my book and she got a little gleam in her eye?

I didn't mention that? Must be the lack of sleep.

Anyhoo, thanks to everybody who came to wish me well. I love you all, and I promise I won't take 20 years to finish Price of Justice.

We're talking 10. Tops.

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