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Monday, September 24, 2012


Star of Justice's launch party happens in 11 days.

I've been able to ignore that less and less as the days tick off the calendar.

It's just a party. It's not a book signing, or a class, or an interview on national television. It's a party. There's no reason to be nervous.

Yet I am. A little knot has formed in my stomach and clunks around enough to awaken me in the wee hours of pre-dawn as I toss and turn.

I'm not very good at parties. I'm often over-bearing, less than gracious, and occasionally down-right rude when I'm the center of undivided attention. Ask anyone who came to any of my birthday parties before I stopped having them about 10 years ago because of the above-mentioned reasons. That's one of the reasons I put off the launch.

You'd think a grown woman would be above that, but once a Brat always a Brat when the pressure's on. 

I am also a little nervous about reading aloud. Will I get Merritt's accent right? Does it matter? These are Kansans. They won't know Scottish from Kiwi. Doesn't mean I shouldn't try. And what passage of Price of Justice is right for a sneak preview? The best parts so far involve new characters; they wouldn't make sense to normal people. This is assuming I have the guts to read anything aloud.

So far, about 25 people tell me they're coming. I've invited lots more, so we'll have to see what the final tally is. It's one of those moments when I don't know if I'll be excited or relieved to see who shows up.

Doesn't matter. It's a party. We're all going to have a good time. Every single one of us.

If nothing else, the Melted Snowballs will be delicious. 


  1. I pray it all goes wonderfully for you, Robynn. I am in a similar boat, with an event coming up on the 14th. (I'm terrified about the reading...that people will be bored and shuffle and sigh, and that I will make my own work seem awful.)

    I hope you are able to enjoy yourself and simply celebrate your huge milestone of having a book out there for public consumption.

  2. I know the feeling--both about hating birthday parties and being nervous about book readings and such. But I've done it now a few times (the book thing, not the birthdays, since, like you, I have refused birthday parties for years) and I promise you will be fine. I've realized that even at my worst when I am in front of everyone, they are impressed if for only one reason: they are glad it's not THEM up there. :D


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