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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Three For One

I'm a stationary nut. Notebooks, pens, legal pads - doesn't matter. If it involves marks on paper, I'm drawn.

TT: Hey! I punned! Sorry. 

Which is why I can't believe I left the dollar store with only a single pack of 3 x 5 cards. I guess Dave Ramsey really is rubbing off. Only took six years.

It probably helped to know anything coming from the dollar store (other than 3 x 5 note cards) will just not be worth that dollar. That, and my single-minded, straight-ahead push to get the cards and get out fast.

With the cards in hand, I sat down to outline my story and discovered I have no idea how to use note cards to outline a story. Do I write a word? A character? A sentence? Am I supposed to put a little essay of what I see happening or is it like bullet points? I'm writing down things I already know. Is that OK?

With purple pen poised, I remembered I couldn't use note cards in school, either. Oh, I used them as doodlepads and bookmarks, but not for outlining. This may be why I didn't have any note cards in the house and had to go buy some. Which makes me extremely happy I bought only the one pack despite all temptations otherwise.

Does make me wonder if this is why I don't outline.

Anyhoo, I have a few days and a couple hundred cards so I'll fumble along and see if I can make anything worthwhile writing-wise out of that dollar investment.

If not, I'm set for bookmarks for the rest of my life.


  1. Hah! I use them the same way I did in school. I write all my notes in a spiral notebook, then as the story becomes more clear in my head, I rewrite that stuff onto cards and put them in the right order.

    Oh, and index cards do make the best bookmarks...

  2. Maybe I'm doing it backwards.

    I feel the tiniest urge to clear off a wall and start taping the cards up there so I can see them better.

    I feel a stronger urge to draw a map on a huge piece of paper and use my D&D figs to literally map it out. But I'm sure Miss Kitty would have her own ideas about how those figs should be used, so I'll refrain.


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