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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weird Dreams

All kinds of weird dreams this week.
I don't remember most of last night, but it involved dismemberment and it was bad enough I woke myself up to change the dream channel. Lucid dreaming comes in handy. I'm such a control freak I won't let my own subconscious run amok. What hope do the cats have?
Is it the moon? Spring? Politicians?
Don't know. Should probably put a notebook on the nightstand, just in case.


  1. Me too. Must be the moon. My dreams have involved ice cream, the Queen, and more ice cream. Why ice cream?? It's almost winter for goodness' sake, FAR too cold for ice cream... Brr!
    I have wondered if some dreams have been influenced by the cat sneaking under the covers when it gets cold late at night...

  2. If you gotta be cold, ice cream would be the preferable option.


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