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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sour Soy

Noticed this morning my soy milk expired April 13. Wonder if that has anything to do with my upset stomach and constant, nagging nausea this last month? Or that funny taste in my tea. I blamed the tea.  Even bought a different brand.
Oi. Down the drain went the soy milk. I'll get some fresh later.
You'd think I would have learned this lesson. Expired lemon juice nearly killed me a few years ago (flu and food poisoning are not a happy combo). 
To be fair, who expects bean juice to go bad? Not this turtle.
In memorial to my stupidity, go check your fridge, dear reader. Don't blame the tea.

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  1. Robynn, you just crack me up! Made from beans or cow - it is MILK, hence, the wording on the box: Soy Milk. Milk does spoil. My question is - how could is it that you it had expired that long ago and you not notice. Does it not smell or curdle? if that is case, another reason I will not drink it. Of course, the taste is the main reason. blahhhh (and this is Larissa, not Phillip. Just didn't want to sign him out and me in)


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