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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Mistake?

Why do I do it?
I know better. I know no good ever comes of it. But I keep doing it.
Why do I comment on "hot topic" issues on FB?
I thought I'd learned. I thought I'd figured out it only causes arguments full of talking points and no resolution.
Yet, last night, I did it again.
I could have scrolled past. I could have just taken that free Watering Can from a Neighbor and gone on with my life, no one the wiser. But I didn't. I stopped. I made a comment. I tried to make it as nice and rational a comment as I could make in that little tiny space. I regretted it before I ever hit "enter," but I hit "enter" anyway. Maybe I thought, "This time will be different."
What happened? I started a fight.
I knew I would. I knew it because I've done it before. If you want to share an opinion with a Friend, that's one thing. When other Friends get involved, it turns ugly. Fast.
Should I resolve never to do it again? I could. Would it be right? Maybe.
I do get tired of the conflict. I get tired of arguing without hope of resolution.
Then again, what if my comments make one other person stop and think? What if I influence, not the person who answers me, but the one who doesn't? Does that make it worth the effort? The discomfort? The clenched stomach that comes when I'm in disagreement with another?
I don't know. 
Will I do it again?
Yeah. I probably will. 'Cause somebody needs to speak up, and I'm learning "somebody" is more often than not "me."


  1. ok, went and looked and couldn't find the post your refering to - SO, please enlighten me!

  2. Maybe in person. I think it's best to let this one go.


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