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Friday, April 8, 2011

I Know Someone

I know someone today whose heart is heavy with grief.

Whose pain comes in like the tide.

Who turns to find comfort yet the comforter is gone
and only emptiness fills that place.

My heart breaks for the friend I have never seen, never met.

My heart breaks for the loss we share.

The loss of love.

The loss of companionship.

The loss of hope.

Do not despair, my far-away friend.

We do not grieve as though who have no hope.

A piece of our soul rejoins the One we serve.

We will meet again
when we run into the arms of the One
all those little bits of our soul will return to us

Perfectly restored, perfectly healthy, perfectly eternal

Like us.

Like Him.

Wait patiently.

The Long Step comes for us all.

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