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Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Did Life Get So Busy?

At one of the numerous meetings I'm attending this week, I heard the lament about when life would slow down. Slowing down has not been my experience. Seems to me, life only speeds up until it finally flings you out into the grand abyss of death.

I could be wrong. But I'm not.

March has not slowed down. I have stopped all TV watching during the week. That's helped.

The nights are given to meetings. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed My Lamb's choral recital. I enjoyed The Flash's band concert (I'm not lying. I really did). I found listening to Jack Cashill about his most recent book Deconstructing Obama quite interesting, and my autographed copy sits on my stack of books to read for the year. I don't know if I will categorize it as "marketing" or "business." Probably "business" since he's a professional writer and I can learn from his style. It is most certainly not fiction, no matter what the liberal media would tell you.

My 30-30-30 plan is suffering. I'm getting devotionals in, but they weren't actually part of the plan.
Writing on Past Ties has happened only in my head. "Walking" is from the car to wherever and back, which would be fine if I were parking because I park in the boondocks. Those with whom I carpool, alas, do not. Except for Tuesday when we couldn't find any close spaces and had to park two blocks away. That was good.

I could start taking a book with me to get my 30 minutes of reading in, a habit I've lost over the years, but I can't read in the car and I think it's rude to read when other people are in the room not reading.
Yes, it's odd I would find that rude, but I do. I have learned a few valuable social behaviors. Not many, but a few.

I have managed to get a little more sleep than last week. I could up the sleep quota by putting the cats back in the basement but I have so little time with them at the moment, I'm afraid what schemes might be devised down there in the dark. Better to keep them close while I can.

Once again, time moves on and leaves me behind. That's my way of saying this is all the post I can manage this morning. Another meeting tonight, but this one involves food. Huzzah!

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  1. and where may I ask are you going tonight? Oh, and I am going to assume you will be at the grill tomorrow? Call me! I wanna go!


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