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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A New Month

Ralene over at Faith, Hope & Suspense started a 3-in-30 task where you set 3 goals and accomplish them in 30 days.

My goals this year are not quite so time-specific, but I am taking the opportunity to incorporate a few lifestyle changes this month. If I practice them well in March, I may continue into April.

I call it the 30-30-30 plan. Thirty minutes of walking, thirty minutes of reading and thirty minutes of writing. Just occurred to me I need to add 30 minutes of Bible study. Hmm.

I've combined walking and reading so far because it's too cold and messy to walk outside. I can read on the treadmill.

The upside is I choose what I'm doing in that 30 minutes. I can walk inside or outside. I can read business books or fiction books (both are necessary for me the writer so I don't feel guilty about either). I can write on my WIP or something else, as long as I'm writing. I'm sticking with Past Ties.
And I choose when I do these things. So far, it's been early evening when I would normally turn on must-be-stupid TV and drool for a while.

Why tell you this?

Because today's schedule is weird, so I have to go do my 30-30-30 now instead of tonight. Which is my way of saying sorry about the less than inspiring blog post. I'll try to do better tomorrow.


  1. Hey, I'm inspired! I like the idea of 30-30-30. And turning off the television! What a fabulous idea, especially since I'm so dehydrated from drooling.

  2. You and me both, m'dear.
    Considering how little TV I get (no cable or satellite means 5 channels, 3 of them PBS) and how much I hate the type of shows currently available in prime time (reality TV), I should literally never turn it on.
    Not doing so the last 3 days has made a world of difference.


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