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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Odd Month

When I started February, it looked like a normal month. Open calendar, no commitments, plenty of time to do the normal.

Boy howdy, was I wrong!

Meetings sprang up like weeds in July. Phone calls poured in with friends in crisis and friends not in crisis. Invitations flooded my inbox and of course I had to attend because I'm practicing my under-developed social networking skills.

Meaning, almost none of the things I planned for February are anywhere near completion. I'm wandering around lost in the month and I can't see the end.

Well, actually, the end is a few days away. Terrifying!

Is this how normal people live? How on earth do they do it? I don't have the energy to do all these things and go all these places and interact with all these people and be nice about it. I don't think anybody does. Yet, unless you're an idiot savant, you're expected to do it.

I don't multi-task. I barely "task." Interrupt me and we'll both pay (but I'll make sure you pay more).

So February has been one, long interruption. Often pleasant interruptions involving delicious food, but interruptions nonetheless.

The lesson I take from this is to plan better at the beginning and expect to "make up the time" should life get in my way. Like a hiker lost in the woods, keep my eyes on my destination, not the surrounding wilderness.

That, and I'm taking some vacation days next month. I don't care if they need me at work. They'll get more of me than they want if I don't take some alone time. I'm peopled out.

Not with you, dear readers.

Well, not much.


  1. hehe yes I realised a couple of weeks ago that I had lost February already. But I'll fight for March, so I will!

  2. I hope you do better with it than I am!


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