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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fringe Rediscovered

Last year, the nieces asked me to change my "visitation" night. Wednesdays were becoming too hectic. Thursday was the only other viable night. The problem?

Fringe airs on Thursday, and the nieces don't watch it.

Yes, I know. All the Normals who read this just freaked out. Of course my real live flesh-and-blood nieces are more important than a TV show.

To you, maybe. To me, this was a real dilemma. I mean, Fringe could get canceled any time. The world is just too uncertain for TV shows nowadays.

*evil grin*

But I took the high road and gave up Fringe to see the nieces whom I love (completely forgetting the other monthly meetings I have on Thursdays which are less important than Fringe but apparently more important than the nieces because I've attended those meetings and subsequently seen the girls less than ever. Sigh).

Fringe moved to Fridays. Yea! you think. Not so. I've missed half a season. I won't have a clue what's going on, so no point even bothering to tune in. 

Anyway, I completely forgot about Hulu. Until last Friday. I couldn't begin at the beginning, which was irksome, but I could watch the five most recent episodes, which is way better than just the most recent episode.

I've missed Fringe so much! Those five episodes were so wonderfully creepy, so emotionally intense, so nail-bitingly suspenseful I forgot to check out who the writers were. It's either JJ Abrams himself or he finally promoted some good lackeys.

It helps that the cast are relatively good actors, but a sound script can make even William Shatner sound good. I hold up Star Trek season one as my proof. And Boston Legal season one, before it got too serious about itself.

TT: I love William Shatner, by the way. Aside from the Pinis and C.L.Dyck, he's my favorite Canadian. Oh, and Bill Murray. Hey, number four ain't nothing to sneeze at.

I'm back on my Fringe fix and so happy about it.

If only I could convert the nieces.

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