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Friday, January 14, 2011

A Survey of...Past Ties

Last one for now. I'm not working on any other books at the moment. 

1. What’s your word count? Aiming for 80K. Don't know if I'll make it or not.Though I recently eavesdropped on a discussion about how it's 100K or nothing for a new writer. I wish someone would put these rules in stone.

2. How long until you finish? At this rate? The end of my life. 

3. If you have finished, how long did it take you?  

4. Do you have an outline? No. This could be the problem. 

5. Do you have a plot?  No. This could be another problem.

6. How many words do you typically write a day? My goal is 600. Haven't been making it lately. 

7. What was your greatest word count in one day? 900+

8. What was your least impressive word count in one day? Today would be "nothing."

9. What inspired you to write? So sad, this answer. The movies Second Sight, Vibes and Jack's Back. Somebody kill me.

10. Does your novel have a theme song? 
In the Morning by Big Head Todd and the Monsters. 

11. Assign each of your major characters a theme song.
Tayra Shah: Return to Me by October Project
T. Gavran: Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel And this video is a little silly. Try to ignore it. Except for Peter's coat. It's nice.
Kylucka Yolanda Luckfellow: Delaney Talks to Statues.
Alan Smith: If I Knew Just What to Say by Roger Whittaker. You'll have to trust me. I can't find it anywhere.
Kiven Smith: Uncle John's Band by Jimmy Buffett.

12. Which character is most like you? I don't know. Could be part of my problem. Alan, maybe? Possibly Janice, and that thought scares the tar out of me. 

13. Which character would you most likely be friends with? Alan. 

14. Do you have a Gary-Stu or Mary Sue character? No. 

15. Who is your favorite character in your novel? Kiven. 

16. Have your characters ever done something completely unexpected? Not yet. Wish they'd get on it. 

17. Have you based any of your novel directly on personal experiences? Not yet, which could be part of the problem.

18. Do you believe in plot bunnies? Crunchings and munchings. Still don't know what they are. 

19. Is there magic in your novel? No. Maybe that's my problem. 

20. Are any holidays celebrated in your novel? Do birthdays count? 

21. Does anyone die? Haven't decided yet. Oh, wait. Yes.

22. How many cups of coffee/tea have you consumed during your writing experience? Average remains 4 per day.

23. What is the latest you have stayed up writing? This survey? 9 PM. 

24. What is the best line? None, yet. 

25. What is the worst line? So very many.

26. Have you dreamed about your novel or its characters? No. 

27. Does your novel rely heavily on allegory? No.

28. Summarize your novel in under fifteen words. A haunted psychic must put her past to rest. 

29. Do you love all your characters? Don't know them yet. Can't say. 

30. Have you done something sadistic or cruel to your characters specifically to increase your word count? It's coming. 

31. What was the last thing your main character ate? Tayra? A banana. 

32. Describe your main character in three words. Arrogant. Guilt-ridden. Broken. 

33. What would your antagonist dress up as for Halloween? A homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else. 

34. Does anyone in your story go to a place of worship? No. Most of them avoid such places. 

35. How many romantic relationships take place in your novel? If I knew this, I wouldn't be having trouble writing it. 

36. Are there any explosions in your novel? Yes. 

37. Is there an apocalypse in your novel? No. 

38. Does your novel take place in a post-apocalyptic world? No. In fact, this future is better than the one I actually foresee. 

39. Are there zombies, vampires or werewolves in your novel? Only the normal kinds. 

40. Are there witches, wizards or mythological creatures/figures in your novel? Nope. 

41. Is anyone reincarnated? Nope. 

42. Is anyone physically ailed? Seth has a heart murmur. 

43. Is anyone mentally ill? The serial killer, yes. 

44. Does anyone have swine flu? Hasn't been invented yet. 

45. Who has pets in your novel and what are they? I do expect a dog. Doesn't yet have a name. 

46. Are there angels, demons, or any religious references/figures in your novel? No, no and yes. 

47. How about political figures? No famous ones. 

48. Is there incessant drinking? Only in the bar scene. 

49. Are there board games? If so, which ones? Didn't plan on it, but...maybe.

50. Are there any dream sequences? Unfortunately, yes.

51. Is there humor? Not yet. Maybe that's the problem. 

52. Is there tragedy? Only in the writing of it. Maybe that's the problem. 

53. Does anyone have a temper tantrum? Yes. 

54. How many characters end up single at the end of your novel? Not a clue. Maybe that's the problem.

55. Is anyone in your novel adopted? Yes, but not like you think. 

56. Does anyone in your novel wear glasses? Yes. 

57. Has your novel provided insight about your life? Not yet. Maybe that's the problem. 

58. Your personality? How many times can I write "maybe that's the problem?" Let's see, 75 questions...

59. Has your novel inspired anyone? Not even me yet. 

60. How many people have asked to read your novel? Right now, they run the other way. 

61. Have you drawn any of your characters? Yes. 

62. Has anyone drawn your characters for you? No. 

63. Does anyone vomit in your novel? I don't think so. 

64. Does anyone bleed in your novel? Must I reiterate? Everybody bleeds in my novels. Except Janice. And LUCK-I. It doesn't have blood. 

65. Do any of your characters watch TV? Yes. 

66. What size shoe does your main character wear? Tayra? Probably a child's size 4. She's very small.

67. Do any of the characters in your novel use a computer? One of them is a computer. 

68. How would you react if your novel was erased entirely? I'd throw a party with ice cream and cake. 

69. Did you cry at killing off any of your characters? Not yet. 

70. Did you cheer when killing off one of your characters? Not yet. 

71. What advice would you give to a fellow writer? Don't try to base your book off the movies Second Sight, Vibes and Jack's Back

72. Describe your ending in three words. Not A Clue. 

73. Are there any love triangles, squares, hexagons, etc.? Maybe. Something may be building. 

74. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least stressful, 10 being the most) how does your stress rank? About the book? Heading toward a solid 7.

75. Was it worth it? Not yet. But I'm hopeful.

Well, at least this has shown me where my potential problems are.

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