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Monday, January 10, 2011

Killing Bill

I admit it. I've watched Kill Bill, vol 1 and 2. I like Vol 1 better because Vol 2 gets a little True Lies toward the end, and I'm all about the fight scenes. And the soundtrack. Yes, I like sword fights staged to music.

TT: The fight scenes are the only things I watch. The rest of the movie is fairly disturbing. Quinton Tarantino disturbing? Say it ain't so! 

Anyway, Kiddo gets some great advice at the end of Vol 1. When seeking revenge, a warrior is given a "pass" on secondary carnage she wreaks in achieving her goal. However, it is easy to lose sight of the goal when obstacles (like innocent people) get in your way. So Hattori Hanso the sword maker advises her to set goals as a reminder. This leads to The List (the one ending with 5. Kill Bill) and directs her steps for the movies.

I like lists, but I'm not a big believer in resolutions. I figure if it's that important, why wait until the New Year to start, right?

Once again, I'm looking at it wrong. I usually am.

I laughed at Ren Black's highly detailed resolutions for the year, but she's got the right of it. If I don't set some goals, once again I'll spend the year wandering around, missing opportunities and getting side-tracked.

The scary part, the part I want to avoid, is the accountability. Once I write it down, I'm committed. The only time I ever made resolutions (I made three of them), I achieved all three within 6 months. That's powerful, and I wanted nothing more to do with it.

Wrong again.

I'm not listing my goals here. Not yet.

I need to think about them. Consider where I'm serious and where I'm fooling myself and go from there. But I will resolve a few things this year. It feels grown-up to do so.

Hope all my readers are careful today as they plow their way to work and whatnot. Be safe.


  1. According to Dave Ramsey (and he freely admits he got this information from other sources) you need goals in the Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual Areas of your life.

    Your goals need 5 things:

    To be specific ("I need to lose 20 lbs" instead "I need to lose weight)

    To be measureable (how to tell when you've reached the goal - "I'll weigh 20 lbs less)

    To be personal (you can't do it because someone else wants you to, it has to be your goal).

    Needs a time limit (I will lose 20 lbs in 5 months - 4 lbs a month). If you lose 20 lbs in 20 years no one is likely to notice.

    Needs to be written down. "If it ain't in writing it didn't happen".

  2. Ah, accountability. That's a big one. It also reminds me of the Scripture where Jesus said it was better to remain silent than swear you will do something -- and not do it.

    I like the Dave Ramsey advice, Elder. I'll have to steal, er, borrow it.

  3. Elder Brother, I was listening to Dave when it all came home. He had quite a monologue going.
    Andra, I think of Jesus' words often. Not often enough, but often. :)


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