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Friday, December 17, 2010

Where Is Everybody?

Does that title even make sense? It sounds wrong. But everybody is singular, so the verb would be singular. Where are everybody sounds worse.

TT: Whatever was voted The Most Annoying Word of the Year for the second year running. I suppose if I heard it eye-rolled at me daily I might agree. I'm going to try working it into every one of my posts until January.

Just kidding.

I'm sure it's purely subjective, but people I'm accustomed to "seeing" daily have vanished. Crazyhair Vaulter. Certain Neighbors. Gungho Iguana (although his semester is over, so he may be back on the scene for a bit).

Are normal people really this busy around Christmas?

TT: Not being normal people, I have to ask this question. 

I vaguely remember this time last year we were all waiting for the final results of the MLS Contest. I don't remember a lot of chatter.

The year before that I wasn't on FB or FV or the Internet so I didn't have any Friends to miss. I don't know what I was doing. Watching Galaxy Quest, probably. I know I wasn't hanging around with family and shopping all day. This turtle don't play that. A great disappointment to Momma Turtle it is, too. 

I know I wasn't writing.

I was talking about writing. Thinking about writing. Blogging about writing.

But I wasn't writing. Mostly I was huddled under blankets and dreaming of a hot Kansas summer. Which failed to materialize, thanks so much, Al Gore. Maybe if we'd burned a few more tire piles, I wouldn't have my current gas/electric bill.

Have I mentioned I consider man-made global warming a farce, and its prophets charlatans and thieves? Or worse, misguided fanatics worshipping at the altar of Earth Mother Gaia, who has to be slapping her forehead and wondering, "I gave them Styrofoam. Why won't they use it? I'm cold here. I need the insulation."

TT: Hmm. The lack of socialization is showing in an uptick of sarcasm. Sorry, folks. This is what happens when you leave me alone for an extended period of time.

Anyway, since I am actually writing at the moment, and TV has finally reached a point of such utter inanity I find myself looking forward to the commercials, I guess I'll stop lamenting the solitude and put it to good use abusing the cast and crew of Past Ties.

God willing, some of you will reappear after the New Year.

You know where I'll be. Right here, covered in a mixture of Styrofoam and mud, staring at frozen buttercups.


  1. I miss you too, Princess Turtle. I have been busy, but more than that...I have been to dark places in myself. A soul cleansing of sorts. I should be back to my normal ornery self now. :D

  2. Strange sense of deja vu, here. You see me round? You talk, gal.

  3. I'll wait patiently, Crazyhair Vaulter. I know all about the long, dark teatimes of the soul.

    I'm sorry, Grace! I don't mean to ignore you. You're one of my "new" friends I do see on a comfortingly regular basis. Your FB presence convinces me I haven't missed the Rapture. :)

  4. I am here but unless we are together you don't seem to want to talk...so I try to leave you alone, being the great "mamma turtle" that I am...

    Love you

  5. I wasn't mentioned either. *sniffle* And I'm round like Grace -- probably rounder considering I've been eating a lot of Christmas candy lately.

    I've also noticed the quiet lately. The only explanation I can come up with is it's not as though people are busy, but maybe more stressed about the holidays: making sure they have all their gifts, sent out Christmas cards to everyone they know, etc, etc. That kind of stress tends to make people not so talkative on the Internet.

    Side note: My Firefox browser keeps wanting me to capitalize "Internet." Why? Is that also Al Gore's doing?

  6. Mom, "shouldn't you be holding the crucifix? It is THE prop for martyrs." -The Birdcage.
    Just kidding!

    Andra, maybe this purely subjective feeling comes from lack of FB interaction. 'Cause I don't notice you on FB that often (didn't you just post something about that? evil grin).
    What I hear you saying is at this time of year people are paying more attention to themselves than me. Well that's totally unacceptable. I must be the center of all universes, all the time.
    Send a memo, would you? hehe!


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