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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Men And Black

Warning: this post is one long question.

What is it about guys and blogs with white text on black backgrounds?

Nine times out of ten, I visit a man's blog, it's gonna be white text on a black background. Why?
What is it about men or black that makes this true?

I haven't visited tons of blogs. Maybe 35 so far. I'm learning as I go. But this white on black has happened enough to make me surprised when it doesn't.

Is it a Star Wars thing? Some kind of homage to George Lucas? Or did Lucas do what he did because men have a predisposition to white text on black backgrounds?

TT: hehe! I accidently typed "blackgrounds" instead of backgrounds. I made a new word, Mom!

In my blog travels, I've seen only one female-maintained blog with white on black. She's one of the "Blogs I Follow," A.L. Marquardt. I think it was black on some color when I started following her and changed a while back.

I don't get it. I find the white text harder to read. I know men are statistically more likely to be color-blind than women, and even more likely to be red-green color-blind (which means I'll either never have the "cut the green wire" moment in a book or I'll have one that ends with a terrible explosion. mwahahaha!).

Does that play a factor? Do they see white on black better?

Just one of those thoughts bouncing around my head for a while. Thought I'd let it out for a romp.


  1. You come by it naturally my dear. As you grow older you will become more and more like me. (evil laugh) I love you too....

  2. Are you saying I have male tendencies?

    I took a graphics class a few years ago, and the instructor said men and women are attracted to different hues of colors. For instance, women prefer brighter reds, where men prefer deeper reds such as burgundy.

    Perhaps that's why men prefer the white text over the black background. It's more pleasing to their eyes.

    Now I wonder if I should change my blackground again . . . ;)

  3. Thanks, mom. I don't have enough to worry about. ;)
    Andra, whatever inferences you care to make are entirely your own. hehe!
    I'm waiting for Elder Brother to confirm the Star Wars theory.


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