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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Winter Is Coming, So Why Am I Up?

This week's low-70s highs and high-40s lows are, for this turtle, a grim reminder of approaching cold.
I used to like Winter. Now that age is creeping into my knees, I understand why Dad wanted to move to Arizona. When all the Turtle relatives are dead, I may follow his intention.

TT: I channelled Dad yesterday morning. I can't remember exactly what happened, but a word came out of my mouth in accents I haven't heard in 24 years. It wasn't a nice word, but it was nice to know Dad is a part of me even now. Oh, dear. I'm crying! Back to topic.

Something else happened yesterday morning. After all the self-pity and wallowing and whatnot, it struck me that Elementals is a good story.

I may not yet have the skill to convey this in a "market-y" manner, but the story is sound. The characters are solid, the danger is real, the stakes are high. It's clean in the right parts and dirty in the right parts and honest in the right parts. It has adventure, fencing, fighting, true love...oh, wait. That's The Princess Bride.

TT: Again, considering some of my posts, you would think my arrogance would extend to believing anything I write to be good. Not so. Just because I like to read my stuff doesn't mean it's good to anyone else. Except Mom. She claims to like everything I've read to her. Bless her.

It was an odd moment. A sort of "surge of confidence," if you will. Naturally it comes when I have little time to do anything about it.

One of the consequences of approaching Winter is shorter days. I do not spring out of bed as I do during the waxing of the Sun. It's more of a slide/drag these days, which reminds me I need to stock up on daylight bulbs. My mornings are dragging, too. I don't think I can blame FB, either. I just seem to be moving slower.

Anyway, it was a good feeling. I don't trust feelings in general, but occasionally they take me to happy places.

So back to the polishing table. Anybody have a suggestion as to how I should market an aging, unpublished know-it-all? I need an "author platform" and I'm willing to pay.


  1. ok - I really do have something to say about this one. :o) First, I LOVE when I hear dad or mom come out in me. Well, mostly. There have been a few times when I go "OMG, that was SO mom/dad, I can't believe I even said it!". Second, what is an "author platform'?

  2. My Dear Friend, if I knew what it was, I wouldn't need one. HA! Just kidding. Mostly.
    I believe it's my resume as an author. Who I am, what I've done, why anyone would care to pay to read anything I've written. You know, the sort of thing I find meaningless when choosing a book. Seems it's important to some people.


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