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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Turtle Progress

It occurred to me to look in the back of A Writer's Survival Guide to Getting Published. Terry Burns included examples of his work. Resplendent! That was a great idea and a mistake. PYP will now get a replica of his examples when I submit, and it's their own fault for recommending his book so often.

I do need to finish reading the book. He may explain the difference between a short proposal and a book proposal. At the moment, the difference is keeping my synopsis at one page instead of three. That, and I have almost no author's bio or market analysis. I haven't read a children's book other than Harry Potter in 20 years or more. I have no idea what's out there.

Frankly, I couldn't care less. But that's not the right attitude if I'm going to win this game.

Based on his example, I did write new great sentences for the sell sheet. I boiled the book down to four paragraphs. Rather well, if I do say so myself, and since I'm the only one who's read it, I'm the only one who can say. Of course, I haven't reread what I wrote. It could be compost by the bleary light of a cloudy autumn morning.

I freaked out a bit at his marketing section. I can honestly say I will not be as aggressive as he was (or claimed he would be). On the other hand, I'm not a full-time writer looking to feed my family. I expect to promote, but I won't be out and about 7 nights a week. I have cats who will kill me if I don't keep them domesticated with babying, and other books to write and publish.

Quantity, remember? My last TUTAW.

Mom tells me I have access to a promoter (someone who promotes, I'm guessing) who loves my family (Elder Brother in particular, though that would be news to him) and would probably be willing to help me with scheduling and such.

That's a good thing, because as I read Terry's words, I saw CASE MANAGEMENT blazing at me from the page and nearly put the book in the freezer. I cannot go back to that place.

So, making steady progress, if not fast, and enjoying my new hobby of "impress the editor with my professionalism."

If he doesn't read this blog, that is.

TT: I also started relabeling my posts. I like the "emotion" idea. Once upon a time, readers liked my emotional posts. This way they can know right off the bat if I'm depressed or curious about my topic. And if it isn't otherwise labeled, just assume it's about arrogance.

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