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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Surviving Submission and the Weekend

I've figured out the rules for surviving the weekend with my writing aspirations intact.

1) Don't let my chocolate stash run out Friday night.
2) Don't watch 6 X-Files episodes consecutively when I have no chocolate, even if they're good episodes (season 4 rocked).

3) Don't skip my daily time with God when I've broken rules 1 and 2.

That pretty much covers it.

Now that I'm past my professionally suicidal moment (and eagerly awaiting the next!), I'm once more pointed toward submission.

It's fair to say I had decided not to submit. Then Ocilla's Mommy warned me if I didn't, she'd drive the several States between us to kick my tail. I believe her. I've seen her Youtube video. She's small but scrappy.

So, as I sit and read Terry Burns' A Writer's Survival Guide to Getting Published, I'm making my lists and checking them twice. My results are a little disheartening, but then I remember I'm new at this. I have a learning curve, and I'm not going to be afraid to use it.

Shall I tell you a funny thing? Before Terry's book was available, PYP sent us newbies to another site for some examples of submission guidelines. Turns out it's Terry's other job's website. Say that three times fast. I dutifully went there to take a look, promptly became depressed, and took a nap.

TT: It was a great nap. I dreamed up a romance titled The Lady and The Wagon. It was more interesting while I was asleep.

Now that I'm able to read Terry's book, I see the same information, but it doesn't depress me. Much. Why are paragraphs friendlier than bullet points?

Well, first of all, Terry is trying to make the process not scary. I appreciate that. I'm scared enough.

TT: His book could have "Don't Panic" written in large, friendly letters across the front cover, except that's already been done.

Second, he's been there, on both sides, and he knows what to expect. I really appreciate that. My greatest fear is and always has been not knowing what to do.

Third, this is information I need. I may not want to know it, but I need to know it if I want a book published by someone other than me by the big 4-0.

I haven't finished Terry's book yet, so I can't rate it. Right now, he's getting five buttercups just for his soothing tone, but I'm only three chapters in.

Never fear. I'll be revisiting this topic often in the next few weeks. After my nap and chocolate fix.


  1. Ha! Ha! Kisses and hugs. You CAN do this. If you need my number, I'll email you it. I am so sickeningly sweet, you will submit to shut me up. LOL Or,I could cheer you up, make you laugh and not have to drive to tell you....YOU CAN DO THIS!! :D

  2. Oh, I'll do it, but let's not pretend for a moment you're not ready to kick my tail if that's what it takes. You're lucky I'm easily cowed. Or bribed. I would have submitted for an Oreo. ;) FYI for next time.


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