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Monday, October 18, 2010


I slept about 16 hours yesterday, and I'm wishing I could sleep another 16 today.

Don't worry. I'm not depressed or stressed. No more than usual, anyway.

I traveled this weekend. I had a great time, but soon after arriving home, my body said "Consequences" and to bed I went to sleep it off.

I moved a wastebasket close to my head, just in case. Thankfully I didn't need it.

I don't ask for help.

During one of my role playing stints, my character got in over her head during a test. All she had to do was ask for help to pass, but it didn't occur to her (me) to do so. I kept thinking, "This is her test. There must be a way for her to get through it." The compassionate GM tipped me off or that would have been the end of Pip (He wasn't too compassionate. She was our only cleric, so he kind of needed her to live).

Rabbi Lapin says being annoyed by interruptions is a sign of arrogance. Guess what? I'm generally annoyed by interruptions. Now that I see it, I'm working on it. Really. You can ask my co-workers. I haven't glared at anyone walking into my office in two weeks, no matter how sorely I have been tempted.

My annoyance with interruptions makes me hesitant to interrupt anyone else. My excuse is I'm a big girl (a very big girl) and I should be able to figure something out, like how to remove a header from the first page of a Word document. Seems I can't, though. I also can't figure out how to add that 1/3 page of blank space at the start of a chapter without using tabs, but that may be the flip side of the same problem.

So I'll either have to ask for help or submit as is and look like a Word-incompetent boob.
I suppose I'm good either way. Both options make me want to crawl under the covers.
But that could be the remaining Dramamine talking.

In case I was too obscure, here's the two-cent version: can someone help me figure out how to format this Word document? Anyone?


  1. I'm not sure about removing the header but as far as the chapters go, no tabs. In double spaced format, your chapters will start on line 8. Make sure at the end of each chapter, you insert a page break to retain the formatting. If you have trouble, call me. My husband had to walk me through this last year.

  2. Double-click on the header text. You should then be able to delete it.
    Use Enter to insert the blank lines.

  3. Holy cow, Grace, it worked! I would have sworn in a court of law that's what I was doing. Maybe the program feared Diane would drive up and kick its virtual tail.
    Diane, I thought there was some kind of magical trick involving first pages and layouts. I can press "Enter" until I get to line 8 - thank you for that measurement. And I DO know how to add a section break to end a chapter.
    You ladies are ROCK STARS! Thank you!
    Now I just have to be sure I'm happy with what I wrote. Woo-Hoo!


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