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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Ray of Hope

Not about networking. My annoyance with that concept continues.

No, I had two glimpses of good in the last couple of days. Here they are.

Jeff the Publisher contacted one of last year's contest authors for a manuscript review.
Curse my metal body, I can't remember who. It only happened yesterday! You'd think my silly brain, which latches on to any kind of Star Trek trivia, would be able to recall this simple bit of relevant info. Alas, no.

This is why networking frightens me. I can't remember real stuff about real people.

I thought it was The Hall of Masters, but I can't find that title in the listings at the Anomaly Forum. Maybe it was Hall of Secrets, which doesn't help me a bit if I can't remember who the author is. We're FB Friends, I know that much. Obviously not good ones yet.

Well, I'm happy for her. If anybody remembers who she is, please let me know. I'll write it down this time. Sheesh.

It gave me hope that maybe all of us contestants are not forgotten. Perhaps our stories may yet find a place Somewhere Out There. It would make me even happier if the story was from the Premise Contest, but I don't think it is.

My second bit of good news was in the post "Trouble Choosing a Niche? Start a Personal Blog." Here's the link: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2010/09/21/trouble-choosing-a-niche-start-a-personal-blog/. Now I just hope that link doesn't move around. I'm still learning some of this stuff.
Which is the point of the post. The author Darren Rowse explains his blogging journey. I saw some of me in him. It gives me hope that the last year online has not been a waste of my life.

Being such a linear person has its drawbacks. I focus on the "now," forget the "then," and often totally miss the "soon."

I need rays of hope. Maybe these can spread a little sunshine in your day.

Is that networking?


  1. It was The Hall of Secrets. Ren Black changed the name, Robynn. She blogs with us at the New Authors Fellowship. It was from the Premise contest.

  2. Thank you! That was driving me crazy! I knew my brain latched onto it as hopeful for a reason.


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