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Friday, September 17, 2010


I've been told my "TT" is a bit obscure and confusing. And here I thought it was as plain as the nose on my dad's face.

TT: I would say "on my face," but I didn't quite get Dad's nose. Unfortunate. A larger nose might have made up for my lack of a chin. I got the Byrd neck instead of the Turtle jowls. Sigh.

Running a brief search, I've discovered the reference is ridiculously obscure. It originated in a June post called "Anthropomorphizing." For those truly interested, you'll have to look it up. Honorable mention in my next post if you figure it out.

I read a post called "5 Ways Your Blog Undermines Your Business." I thought it would be about wasting time blogging instead of writing. I was wrong.

It was a more generic post about blogs used to boost an actual business or service, like a law firm or plumbing. It's from Problogger. That site is on my list to the left.

In such instances, a blog represents the business. It behooves any business owner to put her best foot forward any time she enters the public square. If your blog is full of errors or unprofessional behavior, potential customers may think twice about working with you. I mean, if you can't get your blog right...

What does that mean for me? I was told to start a blog because that's what writers do now. It gets you "out there," whatever that means.

But I haven't been using this as a business platform. Not intentionally. Frankly, I've gotten lazy with it, mostly because I've doubted whether anyone reads it at all. It has become a sort of daily journal which focuses more often than not on writing.

The temporary loss of Spellcheck didn't help, either.

As I've been revising Elementals, I see the same laziness there. The Lioness is fond of saying each sentence is a gem to be polished. Right now, my book is full of gravel.

Well, in the spirit of the Second Year, let us try to remedy this apathetic lack of focus, shall we? I do not promise gazelle-intensity. Writing must be fun or I will not do it. I have a day job that pays the bills. This must be my hobby, like Farmville. Only then will I devote myself to the task.

Sad but true.

As I polish Elementals, I will attempt to restore some quality to my musings here. This blog will remain a frightening glimpse of this author's inner workings, but I hope to restore a little focus to the viewing.

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