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Monday, August 30, 2010


Ask and you shall receive. One day after posting the conundrum of developing a marketing strategy, what should happen but my old friends at Point of View invite James Paris, web marketing guru, as guest for the next two days. Even better, he's offering another free webinar tonight about new forms of web marketing.


I sit poised with notepad at the ready. While I'm waiting...

Earlier today, I emailed PYP about their definition of "book proposal." According to my Everything: How to Get Published book, a non-fiction proposal is what you write before you write the book. It contains a hook, marketing figures for your target audience, comparable best-selling books and an author bio. I don't think this is what PYP wants since some of those things are covered by the questionnaire and they do have one place under "Our Guidelines" where they limit an "e-query" to one to two paragraphs. We'll see.

I do need to write a hook, though, and a synopsis. And an author bio, for that matter.

Anyway, I don't expect an immediate answer. Judging from the website, they tend to do "public interaction business" on Fridays, and real work the rest of the time.

Rule Number One for this turtle is and always will be "Don't annoy the editor." Judging by a blog post on their FB page about 10 things never to do when submitting, I think the cautious approach is more likely to catch fish here.

One odd thing I just realized today...The spirit beings in Star of Justice who create and maintain the magic of Ah'rahk are called "Elementals." Twenty years ago, I titled a book about two princesses Elementals. These two books have nothing whatsoever in common with each other except that word and me as an author. Weird.

I don't know if that will confuse people or if I should use it as my marker, like "I'll be back." I bet I could work the word "elementals" into every future story.

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