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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Call Me Samson

Not really. Samson is one of the more despicable people in the Old Testament. He was a terrible judge and a terrible person. If anybody deserved to get his eyes gouged out and spend his life grinding wheat, it was that guy. I suppose he's proof that God uses anyone to get His will done.

He is a bit of a puzzlement, though. I mean, God picked him. God told his mom to follow the rules of the Nazarite because Samson would be one. But Samson sure didn't honor God with his life. One of those stories of the Bible where you get to work at it. Lots of places like that. Study is good for growth.

That Samson and I should have anything in common is not flattering to me.

However, my mood has brightened in direct proportion to the length of my hair. Now that I am able to pull it back into a -albeit stupid-looking - queue, the depression has lifted and I can view the future with optimism. My strength is returning, as it were.

How sad! I knew I was vain, but I had no idea my hair was so much a part of who I am.

When watching V for Vendetta, I couldn't understand what the big whoop was about Eve getting her head shaved.

Totally get it now. Lord grant such a fate never befalls me. This is as close as I want to get. I can promise you, I won't get this close again. Not deliberately.

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