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Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Starts

I cannot think that sentence anymore without hearing Nathan Lane as Timone from The Lion King. You know the line. It's right after Simba abandons them to hang with Nala. I can't reproduce Lane's accent, but it does play in my head, every time.

Thanks to Elder Brother, I've loaded Word onto my new computer, and subsequently, all my Word files, i.e. stories.

I can't find my printer software, so I don't yet have the ability to print from my new computer. That is a problem. Oddly enough, whether I intend to print or not, not being able to print bothers me. I do my writing on the computer, but my editing is done on paper. This problem will eventually be overcome, I'm sure. Even if I have to buy a new printer.

Kansas primary elections are August 3, and I support several candidates who have primary competition. The next week may be quite busy. After those votes, election season will begin in earnest for the general, unaware population, and I suspect my weekends and probably evenings will be spent walking, calling, emailing and praying for candidates. I would hope my readers' time will be similarly spent in their own states. This is not an election to ignore in favor of FV. None of them are, really.

Which is unfortunate, because FV is getting ready to release the much-anticipated (by me) Crafting Cottages, and those will take play to a whole new level. A friend of mine posited that FV is controlled by liberals trying to keep conservatives occupied while they take over the world. If the timing of the Cottages is any indication, she may be right.

All of these converging events mean I will be possessed by the Muses shortly. They always show up when I don't have time for them.

That's okay. As long as I'm writing.

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