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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today was just warm enough for me to be outside without a coat. I spent several hours in my real garden, moving fallen tree branches, pulling enormous dandelions (boy, have they enjoyed the rain) and mowing.

The mower seems fixed. Why none of my FB Friends suggested adding oil is a mystery, and I will be asking them later tonight while I'm harvesting FV crops. At least Wordcrafter asked if it had gas. I take no offense at such questions. Sometimes the obvious escapes us until someone else points it out. Getting mad at them is silly. I'm the idiot who didn't see the obvious.

Fortunately, I had lawnmower oil and thanks to Big Brother's example of turning the mower blades by hand -or in my case, by kicking - I was able to get the thing started. I mowed both front and back yards, and it started both times. I can't tell that I've put enough oil in so I'll add little bit each time I mow until I can tell. Summer is looking up, and the grass is standing down.

The dandelions have finished their first set of seeding, so technically it's past time to pull them. I don't care. I won't use herbicides and I don't mind dandelions. They're the first thing honeybees use in the spring, so I leave them until other flowers have started.

Iris are up all over the yard. I have several varieties of purple, white and yellow. Normally, they would be dead already, but the cold mornings and excessive clouds have slowed them down a bit. The peony buds are swelling. I can't wait for those babies to open. All of mine are what I call "common pink." They have big, fluffy heads and an overwhelming rosy smell. Mmmhmm. I do love peonies.

Now my back hurts from bending over, although mostly I knelt or sat on my weeding blanket. I'll keep stretching tonight to hopefully ward off the worst of tomorrow's aches.

In short, it was a good first day of May. The dog is tired and so am I. With clear weather on the horizon, we should make it through the night without a weather radio alert.

A good day, indeed.

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