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Saturday, May 22, 2010


The day is warming up nicely. Huzzah!

I am the most patient person I know. I don't know how this happened. Most brats are incredibly impatient. It's part and parcel with the brat package. But I can wait. I can wait a loooooong time. Perhaps it's part of being last born. I knew if I waited long enough, everything would be mine. And it is, so I was right.

I once waited for ketchup to pour out of a new bottle by itself at a restaurant. My Grandfather Byrd -one of the impatient people in my life - was squirming in his seat watching me. He didn't want the ketchup. He just wanted me to hurry up.
I bring this up because I used to think The Flash was patient. Not so much anymore. I made her (yes, I made her. Mean Aunt Robynn, remember?) get on FV this week to collect and use all those nursery items I've been sending before they expire.

Good heavens! The impatience displayed with the entire process was maddening!

To be fair, she might have been annoyed that I was making her do it. But I was getting annoyed watching her do it, and I rarely get annoyed with the nieces (only twice that I can remember. Most of the time they amuse the snot out of me). The entire zen of FV seems to have completely escaped her. And her sister. My Lamb compared FV to a video game! Snort, scoff, hrmph. Video game. Bite your tongue.

I've always thought of My Lamb as being like Mom and The Flash as being like me. Now I'm reconsidering. Her impatience with the game was very much like mom's impatience with the game (she's fine as long as everything does exactly what she wants it to). Perhaps all impatience looks the same.

My conclusion in the matter is this: if the nieces don't want to play, I will accept that as fact and let it go. This will be something we do not share, and that is fine. Sniff, snort, grab tissue.

And, patience is a muscle. You must practice it to have it. So get practicing already. Sheesh.

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