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Saturday, April 10, 2010

In The Garden

All my bulbs are up and happy to see the sun. I must go out and snip the dead flowers off. I don't cut flowers to bring inside. The cats would make their own arrangements out of them, and I doubt I would enjoy the results. Besides, I hope by leaving the flowers outside, my real neighbors will forgive my lack of standard-issue surburban grass yard. I hate grass and have spent the last 10 years relegating it to the easement. The rest is mulch, flowers and shrubs.

It's chilly enough in the mornings to need a jacket, but afternoons are warm and bright these last few days.

I need to mow, but I have no idea whether the mower will start. The last time I tried to start it (sometime in October, I think), it would not. It's a cheap pull mower. It is entirely possible I don't have the arm strength needed to get the thing moving. Or perhaps it is designed to work for only one growing season, like a disposable grill. Either way, something must be done or I'll be out with the hand clippers.

I've seen a rabbit in the back yard eating dandelions. Best of luck to it. Our neighborhood is full of roaming cats and large dogs. My own Sweetie, I suspect, would be less than sweet to any bunny she caught. God willing, I will never find out.

Today brings a baby shower and a high school play. I must enjoy outside while I can.

Welcome, Spring!

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