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Friday, April 16, 2010

Farmville Fridays

Between the heavy decision I had to make and the sluggish pace of planting/harvesting in FV, I have not posted in the mornings this week. For the last few months, I posted in the AM because I had the time and I thought some of my readers might like to start their day with my musings, a sort of morning paper of my thoughts.

No, I could not be more arrogant.

Originally, though, I posted at night because I wrote on my book afterwards. My days and nights have been so turned around lately, I have no idea when I'm coming home or going to work.

I am tending two farms, planting both mine and mom's. This used to be a quick procedure. Now it takes a very long time. I don't know if it is game-related, as in glitches or player overload, or computer-related, as in my computer doesn't have the memory capacity to handle FV at these levels. Whatever the reason, just accepting and returning gifts can take 15 minutes or more. Planting my 140 plots takes another 20 minutes and mom's farm has reduced speed since her last expansion. That's my blogging time - gone to FV. I haven't even been able to fertilize neighbors' farms. Any farm above level 30 takes 5 minutes to load and some of them won't load at all. I have one neighbor whose farm I've never seen. I send her mystery gifts to make up for it.

I did buy the puppy, and I adore her almost as much as my Sweetie (maybe more on some days). The puppy is designed to follow your avatar, so I've opened up plenty of space for her to do that, and she's always been right there when I sign on. Watching the tiny creature "stumble" over plowed ground is just plain adorable. She'll grow up soon. I should take more pictures.

Today's gaming was plagued with glitches. I couldn't even access my farm for 15 minutes this morning. Naturally, this glitch occurred during Beryl's feeding time. I may try to avoid "heavy traffic" times for farming. I wonder if other people "visiting" my farm while I'm on it could be causing some of my problems. And no, I will not get up at midnight to plant. Midnight here is 5 o'clock somewhere.

I read an article today on yahoo about symptoms of stress. Not sleeping, eye twitches (yes, those have appeared sporadically over the last month), stiff muscles and forgetfulness are all on there. In the words of Joy's mother on The Beautician and the Beast: "The doctor says it's stress. What have you got to be stressed about?"

I have no idea.

God willing, I'll get over it and move on with my life. A new computer would, no doubt, help considerably (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

See you on the farm. Well, some of you, anyway.

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