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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Honorable Visitor

So the way to get noticed (for good or ill) by published authors is to review their books. Good to know. A better question is how do I get noticed by publishers?

To The Bronze Gryphon, you're quite welcome for the review, and thank you for the book. Gripes aside, I enjoyed it very much. Finishing college is more important than finishing the sequel. Just don't forget your fans once you've achieved that degree. Otherwise, we'll have a bit of beating about the head and neck to do.

I can only guess someone tipped you off to the review. It took Stuart almost a month to find his. I could guess a few other things, but those aren't flattering to anyone involved, so I'll keep them to myself.

After a visit to the eye doctor yesterday afternoon, my readers may be happy to know I'm in perfect eye health. I've also entered the wonderful era of age-related eyeball hardening that will somewhat improve my nearsightedness for the next few years. After that, bifocals. No big deal. I had bifocals when I was five.

However, Doc dilated my eyes for one of his tests, and I couldn't focus for squat. So, no writing again last night. I'm beginning to understand why the NoMoWri-whatever goes by wordcount. Schedules don't always allow for set writing times.

Tonight I spend with the nieces. I'm considering moving the weekly visit to another night. Their schedules have changed, and I don't always get to see them, which is kind of the point of driving 15 minutes in the dark. So, no writing tonight, either, unless I try it while eating my rice dinner.

The rice diet seems to be helping a little. Or maybe it's the decongestant. I don't know. I only know gardening season is ramping up, and I will be well for it, by jiggers, even if I have to cut my own head off to feel better.

Don't think I won't.

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