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Monday, February 22, 2010

I Won't Survive a Zombie Attack

This is good to know. I learned it from a Facebook quiz appropriately titled "Will You Survive a Zombie Attack?"

It would seem the prerequisites to survival include the ability to run, to survive on only breath mints for weeks at a time and a willingness to abandon any and all dead weight, including my family.

I'm okay with getting eaten the first day.

I suffer from chronic pre-fatigue. That's when you get tired just thinking about doing something. I don't have the stamina to survive a zombie attack, or mummy attack, or attack by any manner of monster, alien or homicidal maniac. I barely have the stamina to survive my workday.

In Star of Justice, Caissa goes full throttle for about 12 days straight. By the end, she is emotionally and physically exhausted. Who wouldn't be? I get tired just thinking about it. But she keeps going until the job is done.

Heroes keep going. "Never give up, never surrender." That's why there are so few heroes in the world. Most of us normals suffer from pre-fatigue.

In Elementals, one of the sisters ends up in a bad place surrounded by mostly bad people and a few somewhat good people. She learns that winning the battle isn't the point; fighting the battle is what's needed. A good friend of mine likes to say we are responsible for our actions, not our results.

As this strange, cold, dark winter drags on, I'm finding it harder and harder to be positive about anything. Not that I'm suicidal (been there, done that, not going back). It just seems my pre-fatigue is worse than normal this season.

So, I'll tie my knot and hang on. I'll also pull out Shaun of the Dead, a great movie about surviving a zombie attack without jettisoning your friends and family. Watch it with the subtitles on, or you'll miss stuff. Don't watch it if you don't enjoy tongue-in-cheek (or tongue-hanging-out-of-cheek, heehee!) zombie movies.

I suppose I'll also stock up on breath mints, just in case.


  1. Hilarious! I love "stupid" zombie movies. We just watched Zombieland. Woody Haroldson was a hoot.

  2. Haven't seen it yet. Shaun of the Dead proves that incessant video game playing can be a useful training tactic in certain, specific situations, like England being overrun with zombies. But it's "R" for violence and language, so watch with care and try not to snort beer out your nose when you hear "Don't forget to kill Philip!"

  3. I have teenagers, two boys (15 & 17.) So, I have seen every zombie movie under the sun a couple times each. LOL


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