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Friday, January 8, 2010


It occurred to me I don't know if or when Jeff the Publisher may request a full manuscript. So, I spent last night reformatting Star of Justice. I just learned how to do the "indent" thing instead of the "tab" thing.

It is amazing the things you see when you're not looking for them.

I already knew I needed to change the measurement system (apparently, "hands" means something entirely different in equestrian terms than I intended for this world and has caused some confusion).
I'm finding and changing all hands (about 9 inches) and paces (about 12 inches) to hafmets, or about 18 inches. My tiny solar calculator has been busy.

I want to remove italics on weird words, like olum, erguk and mavle. In this world, those are real words, not weird words. For example, we don't italicize oak in normal writing.

Based on some comments from a reader, I am looking for confusing paragraphs, where action by one character interrupts speaking by another character. I've found and corrected a few, usually just by adding a paragraph break.

And I must decide if the Ah'rahkeen races are one race with different characteristics (like humans) or six separate races (like dogs and cats). That's kind of important.

So that was my night.

My morning will be spent trying to start my car in -1 degrees.

Happy global warming, everyone. Bundle up.

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