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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Right of Way

Two cars meet at a four way stop. Right of way (in Kansas) states the car on the right goes first if they stop at the same time.

It's a simple law. I remember it. I have no problem with it. The privilege of driving includes following the rules of driving.

However, when the driver on the right is a man, and the driver on the left is a woman, the man seems to think the law no longer applies.

I'm not a femi-Nazi. I'm not even a women's libber. I expect a man to hold a door for me, and I say "thank you" when he does.

But this waving me through - you know what I mean - infuriates me. Usually because it's an impatient wave, like "hurry up and go, lady, I'm being polite and it's wasting my valuable time."

You know what? If your time is that important to you, try following the law and take the right of way!

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