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Saturday, January 2, 2010


I put a "funny" about myself on my website, and, as with most humor, discovered a grain of truth.
I regularly over-stuff my soups.

Soups aren't the only thing I over-stuff. I have six cats. I buy sketchbooks and pens even though I haven't seriously drawn anything in the last decade. I have more furniture (hand-me-down) than house.

And I put everything I can think of into my stories. Remember, all my worlds connect. Every book has pieces of other books in it. I don't explain those pieces, I just show them, because I hope someday you'll read another of my books and say "Hey, I remember that guy!"


I'm wondering if I'm writing my own fan fiction. Chuckle. Or the never ending soap opera.

The funny thing is I don't like to read books like that. I prefer to follow one character and really get to know him.

In college, I studied Minuchin. He theorized "you are who you're with." Different people bring out different aspects of your personality. You're perfect when you're the same person with everyone.

Well, I'm not perfect. Neither are my characters. So expect my stories to be stuffed with people, because that's how you learn who they really are.

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