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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Winter is my least favorite season. Were I able to stay inside all snuggly warm in a hand-knitted sweater like Little Mouse on the Prairie, it wouldn't be so bad. But I have to scrape the cold off my car and brave treacherous streets and more treacherous drivers to get to work and back twice a day. I hate that.

I also miss the sun. And the warmth. And I hate it when things die, which many, many things do in winter.

My favorite part of winter is the solstice. I tried having solstice parties, but Christmas kept getting in the way. Just kidding, Jesus. Your birthday is more important.

I like the solstice because once it's over, days start getting longer. Within a few weeks, I can see the difference in the morning. Weather-wise, the worst of the cold, snow, ice, etc. is just getting started, but knowing that the earth is tilting toward spring, my favorite season, makes is bearable.

Today brought a forcible reminder that winter has arrived, even though, officially it doesn't start until the solstice. Bundle up. And leave at least two car lengths between you and the guy ahead. If it's me, I've already paid my deductible for the year.

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