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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas!

My family - parts of it, anyway - finally celebrated Christmas together last night. It was brief, it was low-key, but I got my presents and they got theirs and we all went away happy. Except possibly The Flash, but if you're going to be an archaeologist, then you should expect to get historically relevant and educational Christmas presents. From this aunt, anyway. At least it was a DVD. I could have gotten her a book. Gasp!

Tonight, many will celebrate New Year's Eve. Many MLS participants will no doubt stay up and on the boards, staring at the screens, waiting for Jeff the Publisher to reveal who wins The Big Prize of publication.

(You still have time to vote, if you haven't, but not much time)

I am curious about the main contest winner. I am more curious about who will win the premise contest. But, being a turtle, curiosity doesn't plague me like it plagues most people. Most likely, I'll go to bed and read about it in the morning.

Like with Presidential elections.

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