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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Love Everybody!

When I checked the MLS forum this morning, it was merely to complete the formality of not seeing Star of Justice on the list.

It's there.

The phrase I uttered cannot be written here, for decency purposes and because I know of at least two people who would be offended. Think Frank Barone and take it up one notch.

Not the best way to give thanks to God, but I was startled.

Startled? Floored. Dumb-founded. Shocked. I kept checking to make sure I really was looking at the right list.

Tears started immediately. I'm crying now, so I'm having trouble seeing the keyboard. Sorry if I miss a typo.

This was entirely you people. According to the boards, people at MLS are generally not interested in my type of fantasy. The three other fantasies like mine did not make it (the other ones I voted for).

That tells me it was entirely people who actually know me, whether they've read my book or not, who voted for me. That's you guys.

I'm crying again. I know I love myself. I never realized other people might love me, too. Except you, mom, you're a given.

Anyway, thank you, everybody. I don't know how I'm going to make it through work. I can't stop crying and now my head hurts.

See? This is what happens when I win something.

And a special thank you to my Lord and Savior. You've been with me through all of this, the writing, the submitting, the waiting, and the resignation. Thank You, Jesus, for my life and my friends. May You bless each of them as much as You've blessed me.


  1. Ok, I will now start AGAIN...I have signed in so maybe it will post my comment this time!!! I am so proud of you, not for making the cut but for even trying. I know you extremely well and I know how out of your box this is for you. If the next vote is on your writing style I have no doubt you will make that cut too. I am looking forward to reading the entries and voting again. Yours for sure and others that take my fancy. Love you Mom

  2. Robynn,
    Okay, so you've surprised me. I thought I was the crier. =) Congrats. This was such a lovely and sweet post. You go, girl!


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