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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Voting Starts Tomorrow

The title says it all.

Now, the premise contest people (i.e., me) won't be eliminated this round. This is more of a test vote for us. For the main contest people though... Come Monday morning, 16 will be done and 20 will remain.

Due to a technology hiccup, the voting threads will be split into two threads per contest. It seems Jeff the Publisher can't list all the entries into a single poll.

So, when you vote, you will need to vote in two polls per contest. You may split your 3-minimum/20 maximum votes between two polls. These polls should be fairly obvious and most likely titled something like "Premise Contest Poll One" and "Premise Contest Poll Two." I'm guessing here. I'll let you all know in the morning.

Meaning: if you don't find Star of Justice in the first poll, go to the second and look for it. If you want to vote for Star of Justice, that is :)

Reminder: you must vote for at least three entries in each contest or your vote will be discarded. OK.

So, since I don't actually get eliminated this round, I'm not nervous. The votes will not be visible, so I won't know how I did, either. I can email him and ask, but I don't think it would be helpful this time around. According to the discussion threads, most of us have realized you can't tell much from 20 words and we'd rather see more than less.

The part I find most interesting is as I read comments from people who not only seem very serious about writing, but many of whom are actively pursuing publication, I keep thinking of Seth Godin's Tribes book, where he says a real leader has the vision and everyone else follows it. Jeff the Publisher is the leader, and we're all clamoring to be part of his tribe.

Question is, what makes Jeff the leader? His experience in the field? His ability to create a website? His willingness to wade through mountains of excrement looking for that one great monument of fiction?

Yeah, pretty much.

Since I'm not willing to do all that yet, I'll clamour with the rest of them. For now.

Print On Demand has changed a lot of things. If I think Jesus is coming back that soon, I will self-publish, just to say I did.

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