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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Premise Contest So Far

Another way-too-early morning for me. This time, I woke myself up at 4:11. The cats had nothing to do with it.

For the record, nothing good seems to come of waking up at that time for me. I try to pray for folks until I fall back asleep (if I can), 'cause most folks need it, but at that time, in the dark, when sunrise is still hours away, my mind naturally goes to bad places. All the worries of my waking life find me. Even though I'm talking to God and trying to listen to Him, He seems far away at 4 AM.

Result: today I get up with a knot in my stomach as well as a stuffy nose. I have no reason for the knot. It's just there, annoying me, trying its best to make me grumpy.

Last night, I spent an hour or so at the MLS website looking at the premise contest and the first 20 main contest entries, and reading what other people are saying about both.

(Reminder: check out my How to Register with Marcher Lord Select post to get signed up to be a judge in this contest)

Star of Justice is listed on only one person's I'm going to vote for list, and it was only picked after a second read-through of all the premises. Hey, I'm glad for any press at this point. There are other entries that aren't listed by anyone. Yet.

We're three days into the contest, ten days before actual voting can happen. Now is the time to read and choose what you will vote for on Nov 13, 14 or 15. Now is the time to make public comments at The Anomaly forum about which premises interest you and why. This information is helpful for new writers.
(Reminder: you must vote for 3; you may vote for up to 25)

I might believe that my book being listed toward the end is making a difference, except a premise that seems to interest everyone is after it. Sigh.

When I wrote Star of Justice, I had no particular audience or theme in mind. I just wanted to write a great book. That lack of intentionality may hurt me in this contest, but I find I don't care so much. I like my book. People who've read it like it. And some of those people aren't related to me in any way (like my mailman).

Hey, at some point, I owe everyone an Ugly Truth About Rejection post. It's coming, never fear. I like that the people who are posting comments at this time seem to be taking the whole thing seriously. I suspect that makes MLS happy with their grand experiment.

The entire premise contest is based on 620 words: the 20 word premise, 100 word blurb, and first 500 words. That's a lot of pressure for about two pages out of 300. Every participant should be commended for even trying. Right this moment, I wonder how many (like pre-Gene Getz me) didn't try because they were afraid they couldn't do it.

Well, I'm starting my day an hour ahead. I suspect I'll end it an hour behind.

May God bless your day anyway.

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